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"You won't laugh any harder in five or six minutes than you laughed at that guy, Bob Nelson." - Johnny Carson

"I am a fan of Bob Nelson's. He's a funny, funny man and a Godly example of being salt and light in a world that so desperately needs a sense of humor." - Michael W. Smith

“One of my favorite paintings shows Jesus laughing. He must have had a Bob Nelson in his life! I've been blessed beyond measure to laugh along with Bob. His jokes are as funny as his heart is tender.” - Max Lucado

"Bob Nelson and I used to work together, but I got rid of him, who wants to work with someone who's funnier than they are!"
Rodney Dangerfield

"You’re not just a comedian... You're a Clown, Just like me!" - Red Skelton

From Newspaper Articles and Reviews

"Out of nine comedians, each of whom is given about five minutes, only one - the superb comic actor-impressionist Bob Nelson - shows an imaginative zeal that transends the mundane." - Stephen Holden, The New York Times

"He is neither anecdotal, satirist, joke teller or even truly slapstick. He is what I call a skitster. He creates his own characters and develops little routines for them. The kinds of routines that we all try to recreate at social gatherings. Skelton's Freddie the Freeloader or Gleason's Poor Soul.... Gleason is also a fine musical composer. Skelton, a fine painter. If Bob Nelson can sculpt, or cook, or crochet, superstardom is just around the corner." - Don Usherson, Las Vegas Review

"Nelson will leave you in tears of laughter." - New York Daily News

"More funny than the actual routines (and they are funny) is the realization of the crazed mind that devised these bits." - Bili, Variety Magazine

Truly a multimedia assault on the funnybone, Nelson not only relies on verbal comedy but visual as well. There's bright stuff here in a performance totally unfounded in reason but soaring on comic invention." - Curt Davis, New York Post

"Saw Bob Nelson at Caroline's at the Seaport the other night and have decided he's the hardest working man in comedy. He remained in perpetual motion throughout his one and a half hour show, running back and forth through onstage doors, each time emerging as a different character. A terrific show." - Hank Gallo, New York Daily News

College Performance Reviews

"Bob was just terrific, I have never seen people laugh so hard. He was a pleasure to work with and we look foward to his return." - SUNY Oswego

"Bob Nelson received the only standing ovation that I have ever seen on this campus, he was sensational." - Rider College

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